Some of my earliest piano memories are of listening to my sisters’ piano lessons and then plunking out their songs myself on the big piano down in our basement.  I also remember watching with great interest each time our piano tuner worked his magic on the little spinet in our dining room.  Fast forward through years of taking piano lessons and then giving piano lessons….

What was the next logical step?  Several years ago, a friend gave me a piano.  It was really, really out of tune.  (Had it been tuned at all in the last twenty years?  More?)  For a long time (maybe like you) I just played it because it was playable, but then I had an idea.  What about piano tuning?

I completed my piano tuning course from the American School of Piano Tuning in November 2017.  I worked on my piano [applause, celebration, sighs of relief], my friends’ pianos, and whoever else’s I could get my hands on.  Back in Tune Piano Service became official in January 2018.  I continue to study and learn about piano tuning and repair, and I also continue to search for fresh ideas for piano lessons and music classes through continuing education courses.

I love tuning pianos because I can see (hear) immediate results from my work.  I also love teaching piano lessons and music classes.  Sharing my love of music with others is rewarding, and I believe the two aspects of my business go hand in hand to help provide the best piano service possible.

In the Future….

Everyone has dreams or goals, right?  Well, here are some of mine:

Someday I will have my own music studio.  In my studio I will teach all of my piano lessons and music classes, sell pianos (new, used, and refurbished), and offer piano lesson/practice rooms and maybe even a small recital hall!  Part of my studio will be a workshop area where my husband and I can perform all of my major piano repairs.

When I’m Not at the Piano….

When I’m not tuning or teaching or playing a piano I try to squeeze in a little time for the more important things in life.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and two boys.  My two boys are very musical, and we love to sing and play at the piano and play music games.

I also love to sew, crochet, bake, cook, clean, eat chocolate (just to see if you’re still reading), be involved in my church, and sometimes I just like to sit down and not do anything.

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