Music Classes & Camps

I divide my camps, classes, and workshops into two categories: Pre-K (ages 3-5) and school age (6 +up). The preschool classes are an exciting, no-pressure way to introduce children to music and fundamental music concepts. They also serve as a springboard to prepare students for future music instruction. These classes are designed to help students learn and apply musical ideas in a fun and hands-on way. In these group classes, friends and peers can learn and perform together in a low-pressure, social setting. Events are scheduled regularly throughout the year, including summers.

Pre-K Classes:

The Mini Musicians Class is perfect for children ages 3-5. Children love this program because they get to make music and use their ears, eyes, hands, and feet! We sing, listen to music, play music, color, and move around a lot to keep things active! Mini Musicians is a 40-week group program that coincides with my regular yearly piano lesson schedule. Children can also sign up to take the class individually, either for the 36 consecutive weeks or segmented into 6- to 8-week terms, or year-round.

I also offer periodic music classes and camps in 6- to 8-week sessions for this age group at different times in the year.

Classes for Ages 6+:

Piano Lesson Workshops (a.k.a. “Piano Parties”) are the second type of music class I offer. These workshops occur throughout the piano year as a part of my students’ regular tuition. I also welcome friends and potential students to participate in these piano parties as we cover music history, composing, rhythm, etc., usually with little or no music experience required! I like to have one workshop per month during the summer, too, just to keep piano towards the front of the brain. My students love them, and we always have a blast learning about the things we sometimes don’t get to cover in our lessons!

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