Piano Lesson Options

Piano lessons should be more than just sitting at the bench in front of a method book and plunking through a piece of music. My lessons include improvising, composing, rhythm practice, singing, ear training, and sight reading exercises, and games, which really help students put musical concepts together. My goal is to provide a patient, comfortable, practical, and enjoyable atmosphere for my students, and I try to adapt my lessons to different learning styles as much as possible.

You can choose from individual (private), buddy, and online lessons.

Private Lessons

Private or individual lessons are one-on-one lessons, either 45 or 60 minutes long. We cover the same activities as we would cover in buddy lessons, but the social component is more limited. All individual and buddy students are encouraged to participate in the group activities throughout the year.

Buddy Lessons

How do buddy lessons work? I’m glad you asked! In buddy lessons, a student share a portion of his individual time with another student. The last 15-20 minutes of Student A’s lesson overlaps with the first 15-20 minutes of Student B’s lesson so they can work together on games, duets, and other activities. Are these a viable way for students to learn to play the piano? YES!! When you take a tennis class with your friends you are often more motivated, you learn faster, and you have more fun. It’s the same here!

Preschool Lessons

Preschool children are welcome (and encouraged) to take lessons in my studio. There are many benefits to beginning music education at an early age, including developing language, gross and fine motor skills, balance, and awareness of body and surroundings. It can improve socialization and coordination, teach children to follow directions, develop sensitivity to emotions through music, and improve cognitive and memory skills (among other things). My preschool program is both educational and fun (of course!), with no at-home practice required.

Adult Lessons

Many people inquire about adult piano lessons, and, yes, I offer lessons for adults. I try to cater lessons to their personal goals, and we avoid using method books that are designed for younger beginners. We work together to find a comfortable pace and repertoire that is both interesting and relevant to the student.

Online Piano Lessons

If you are unable to meet in person for lessons, there is always the online option. Contact me for a list of required equipment and available time slots.


  • 45 minutes (ages 6-adult) = $30
  • 60 minutes (ages 6-adult) = $43

Lesson payments are collected monthly and are due at the first lesson of each month.  To make payment easy, the monthly payment is calculated as an average of lessons from September through May, divided by 9.  Examples: 

  • Johnny has a 45-minute lesson each week.  $30 x 36 weeks = $1080.  $1080/9 months = $120 per month. 
  • Sarah has a 60-minute lesson each week.  $43 x 36 weeks = $1,548.  $1,548/9 months = $172 per month.

*Prices are subject to review on an annual basis.

FOR ALL LESSON TYPES: The student will pay for any lesson books separately, but the cost of materials, supplemental music, and events is included in the annual registration fee (see Policies and Payment Information page for further information).

FOR ALL LESSON PAYMENTS: Late payments will incur a $15 late fee, which should be included with that month’s payment.

(My current background clearances are on file.)
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