• Regular Tuning ($140 + tax)      As with your vehicle, home appliances, and equipment, your piano needs routine maintenance in order to perform properly.  You should have your piano professionally tuned every 6 to 12 months, especially if it is brand new.
  • House Call ($50 + tax)      My time is valuable.  If I come to your location and find that I am unable to assist you with your piano, I charge a minimal fee for the visit.
  • Outside Service Area Call ($.50/mile beyond 10 miles from my location)       I am happy to travel to locations outside my local area to service your piano. I just add this fee to help cover the cost of travel.
  • Other Work (Estimate will be provided.)       Your piano may require additional services or repairs.  I will always provide an estimate before completing any repair work and will not charge for or perform any services without a customer’s approval.
  • Labor ($50/hr. + tax)    Labor is only charged for maintenance or repair outside normal tuning work.        
  • Payment Methods (Cash, Check, Credit Card)     Payment is due upon completion of service unless I have made other arrangements.
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